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Alliant Audiences Exceed Nielsen DAR Benchmarks

By Donna Hamilton on January 27, 2016

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Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer



A demographic analysis shows Alliant delivers high quality audiences that are up to 22% more accurate than industry standards.

When it comes to digital performance marketing, data accuracy is critical to campaign performance. Skilled media planners thoroughly evaluate their sources to ensure the data is trustworthy — yet still, only 59% of all ad impressions are delivered on-target, largely due to inaccurate data.

To help solve this problem, many advertisers utilize Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) for transparent measurement of audience reach across desktop and mobile devices. In a similar fashion to TV ratings, Nielsen leverages their vast data sources to report on data efficiency within 24 hours of campaign launch.

We are pleased to announce that Alliant’s audiences were recently measured by Nielsen DAR and exceeded industry benchmarks in all segments ages 25 and older. While Nielsen DAR doesn’t offer benchmarks for gender, Alliant’s ratings for male and female segments are also notably strong when compared to the 50% ranges that are typically seen in the industry.


Alliant audiences are sourced from consumer purchase activity across over 475 product offers from both digital and traditional channels. The data is enriched by select 3rd party sources and onboarded for targeting across a broad range of affinity, demographic, and behavioral segments for brand awareness and direct response campaigns.

The recent Nielsen DAR results underscore Alliant’s commitment to quality through strict Data Governance policies — and offer confirmation to advertisers that Alliant audiences are true to their descriptors.

For more information about Alliant, contact the Audience Help Desk.

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