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Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer

New To Clean Rooms? Start Small, But Start Now

By Donna Hamilton on June 12, 2024

Previously featured on AdExchanger As marketers embrace the new privacy-first reality of data-driven marketing, data clean rooms have risen to prominence. Increasingly, they are becoming...

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Insights Strategy AI

Quality Data is the Foundation for AI Audience Success

By Donna Hamilton on April 25, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) might be the newest advertising industry obsession, but the old saying of “garbage in, garbage out” still applies—and warrants heavy consideration as marketers...

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Insights Strategy Data Enrichment Data Cooperative

Leveraging Data Science for Powerful Audience Solutions

By Donna Hamilton on January 9, 2024

Donna Hamilton, Alliant’s Chief Innovation Officer joins Vincent Pietrafesa, the Vice President of B2B Product at Stirista on the popular The Marketing Stir Podcast. On this episode, listen...

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Insights Industry News

Why Performance is Paramount for Brands in 2023

By Donna Hamilton on April 19, 2023

Previously featured on ANA

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Insights Strategy

Doing More with Less: Leveraging a Cooperative to Boost First-Party Data

By Donna Hamilton on March 8, 2023

Welcome to the second installment of Alliant’s “Doing More with Less” series, designed to help marketers make the most of their limited budgets and resources in a time of economic...

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Insights Strategy

How to Overcome Roadblocks in Your First-Party Data Roadmap

By Donna Hamilton on December 12, 2022

Originally Featured on Street Fight Mag Marketers and brands know they are losing access to the third-party cookies that once fueled their marketing and ad campaigns. But even with the...

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Insights Strategy Data Enrichment

Real Ways to Deliver ROI with Data Enrichment

By Donna Hamilton on November 1, 2022

Originally featured on ANA

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Company News

Alliant Strengthens Commitment to Trust and Transparency with Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab Certifications

By Donna Hamilton on July 27, 2022

With a deep history of building solutions, systems and teams that operate with the highest standards of data compliance and transparency, Alliant seized the opportunity to be among the...

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Insights Strategy

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Data Test

By Donna Hamilton on July 11, 2022

Brands with strong data strategies are extremely adaptive, and part of that nimbleness comes from having a solid data testing approach in place. Data testing—the process of evaluating new...

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Insights DataHub Membership Strategy

How to Manage the Loss of a Data Partner

By Donna Hamilton on June 29, 2022

The data landscape is a remarkably fluid one, and that means marketers need to be fluid in how they think about their data partners and sources. Simply put, not all data that marketers rely...

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