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Leveraging Data Science for Powerful Audience Solutions

By Donna Hamilton on January 9, 2024

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Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer

Donna Hamilton, Alliant’s Chief Innovation Officer joins Vincent Pietrafesa, the Vice President of B2B Product at Stirista on the popular The Marketing Stir Podcast. On this episode, listen in on a lively discussion on Donna’s background in using different data sources, how she approaches data strategy in her current role, and some interesting personal tidbits.


Learn how the Alliant cooperative model approach uses first-party data in combination with third-party data sources to create powerful and trusted audience solutions. The podcast dives into exciting new political and Advanced TV subscriber and viewership audiences recently launched by Alliant. These audiences will be especially timely solutions for marketers looking to launch political-focused and cross-channel campaigns in 2024.


Sit back and take a listen!


Explore some of the solutions covered in this podcast including the Alliant DataHub, Advanced TV and Political Audiences.


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