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Alliant Strengthens Commitment to Trust and Transparency with Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab Certifications

By Donna Hamilton on July 27, 2022

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Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer

With a deep history of building solutions, systems and teams that operate with the highest standards of data compliance and transparency, Alliant seized the opportunity to be among the first companies certified by the IAB Tech Lab for the Data Transparency Standard (DTS) in 2020. Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve strengthened our commitment to providing data-driven marketers with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions, becoming recertified for DTS and achieving NQI certification from Neutronian!


The dual certifications place Alliant in an exclusive group of data providers who have undergone the rigorous evaluations of both programs, becoming the only transactional data cooperative to do so. Buyers of certified data from providers like Alliant can feel more confident than ever that the segments they activate exactly match what is described.


The DTS program – often described as the “data label” – establishes a standardized way to describe and label audience data, enabling buyers to better understand the origin, age and modelling of the data that they are buying; while Neutronian’s NQI Certification helps buyers understand the quality and privacy compliance of data.


“Overall we found Alliant to be very comprehensive and thorough in their approach to audience creation” said Lisa Abousaleh, Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “They’ve done a great job documenting their processes and putting the right controls in place to verify that what they produce is complete and accurate. Given the volume of partners Alliant is working with, this is especially noteworthy.”


In late 2021, IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian announced a strategic partnership to align the two certification standards. Together, these transparency signals and quality scores will build the foundation for the adoption of IAB Tech Lab’s “Seller Defined Audiences” addressability proposal, which is part of the Project Rearc initiative.


“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Alliant as an early adopter of the updated DTS 1.1 standard” said Jarrett Wold, Senior Director of Compliance Programs at IAB Tech Lab. “Having quality data providers help usher in these new standards in support of seller-defined audiences will push the industry forward in a positive way.”


A solid audience strategy is foundational to any marketing campaign, whether that is through programmatic, advanced TV, or direct mail, and marketers deserve to know as much as possible about their data investment. Alliant looks forward to expanding partnerships with Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab, while continuing to hold ourselves and the industry to high data transparency standards.


For more information about certification methodologies, please visit and Visit our data governance page for more information about Alliant’s commitment to data security, compliance and transparency, or contact the Help Desk for immediate audience assistance.

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