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Alliant Audiences to be Distributed Through Adobe Audience Marketplace

By Donna Hamilton on November 10, 2015

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Donna Hamilton

Chief Innovation Officer


Integration Offers Adobe DMP Users Simplified Access and Pricing for Transaction-based Targeting Data 

NEW YORK, November 10, 2015 — Adobe recently announced the launch of Audience Marketplace, a new private data exchange now available within Audience Manager, the Adobe data management platform. Audience Marketplace connects advertisers and content publishers in an innovative way, enabling marketers to buy and sell second and third-party data without the time-consuming challenges of setting up individual partnership agreements. Alliant is among the first data suppliers to participate in the program.

Marketers looking to learn more about their customers or find new audiences require access to new data sources. However, Adobe points out that gaining access to data can pose significant obstacles. “Managing legal relationships between companies can be thorny. Issuing and tracking payments to multiple partners is a burden. And privacy controls need to be in place because broadcasting the type of data a company is seeking or selling can have significant impact on consumer trust in that company.”

Adobe Audience Marketplace resolves these issues for marketers by putting a wide array of third-party audiences at the marketer’s fingertips with a self-service interface and a simplified pricing model.

Alliant elected to become one of the first data suppliers to participate because the potential benefit to clients is clear: “The new pricing structure introduced by Adobe Marketplace is a ground-breaking move which Alliant is excited to be a part of,” said Donna Hamilton, Vice President Sales & Business Development. “It gives data suppliers greater control over pricing, and offers marketers the flexibility to purchase data on a CPM or a monthly ‘all you can eat’ basis. Adobe Marketplace’s innovative interface also allows Alliant the unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with marketers on a case-by-case basis, and consult on how to best utilize the data.”

Alliant Audiences will be available in the Adobe Marketplace in November, 2015. Marketers wishing to learn more about how Alliant’s proven transactional data can benefit their campaigns should contact Chris Hemick at 845-617-5475,

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