Unleashing Fandom: A Deep Dive into Olympics Fan Insights

By Eric Bratten on May 30, 2024

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Eric Bratten

Senior Director, Marketing

As the countdown to the Olympics inches closer, a different kind of race has already begun in the marketing space. Savvy brands and agencies are already aiming to secure their spot on the winner's podium of consumer attention. The allure of the Olympics goes well beyond the games airing on the host network by representing a huge opportunity for a wide swath of brands to connect with passionate audiences across TV, digital, social, print, and other channels. 


Understanding the composition of the Olympics sports fanbase is a crucial first step for advertisers aiming to develop marketing campaigns around the games in Paris this summer. The stage in Paris is set with a full schedule of sporting events already available. Let’s break down audience insights of the fans that will be leaning into the biggest sporting event of 2024 by demographics, interests, behaviors, brands, and more. 


Olympics Fan Snapshot






Now that we’ve uncovered the anatomy of an Olympics sports fan, let’s examine how brands can connect with these fans this summer and beyond.  


Quick Tips

  • Cross-Channel Approach: Opportunities exist beyond just broadcast to align with Olympics moments across digital, social, and print media. 
  • Affinity Targeting: Advertisers can reach desires audiences through brand, interest and purchase propensity targeting approaches. 
  • Custom Olympics Audience: Develop a custom audience that focuses on key attributes and can meet a specific goal. 
  • Look Beyond Sports: Find ways to tap into Olympics fans that also are prone to other lifestyle activities. 


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