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Alliant Strengthens Commitment to Data Privacy and Compliance by Joining the Network Advertising Initiative

By Mitchell Eisenberg on November 8, 2023

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Mitchell Eisenberg

SVP, General Counsel & Data Compliance Officer

In an ever-evolving data landscape, Alliant has always put privacy and responsible data practices at the core of its business. Today, Alliant is excited to announce that it has strengthened its organizational commitment to delivering first-class data privacy and compliance even further by becoming a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).


The NAI is the leading not-for-profit member organization for third-party advertising-related companies engaged in tailored advertising activities. The organization serves as the premier self-regulatory association for the digital ad space by providing guidance for members on data privacy laws, the use of non-cookie technologies and overall privacy best practices. NAI membership empowers Alliant to deepen its commitments in these areas, especially when new State laws, industry announcements, and consumer expectations continue to emerge. “Being admitted to the NAI is like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval in digital advertising,” says Mitch Eisenberg, Alliant SVP General Counsel and Data Privacy Officer. “ NAI is a leading digital advertising authority and incredibly well-respected in the industry. In deciding whether to grant Alliant membership, the NAI reviewed our privacy policy and data privacy practices and determined that our practices are consistent with the highest standards in the industry.”


In addition to signaling to clients that Alliant data is deserving of the utmost trust, Alliant’s NAI membership will elevate the company’s ability to remain on top of and comply with the ever-evolving data privacy landscape. NAI helps its members stay current with proposed and new privacy and data laws, and the organization provides feedback on industry best practices. The NAI supplements the compliance efforts of its members’ internal teams by providing proactive monitoring of opt-out tool functionality and data privacy compliance. “Responsible data collection and use practices self-regulation are at the heart of everything the NAI does,” says Leigh Freund, President & CEO of the NAI. “The commitments that our members make ensure they are operating in a way that benefits their business, the industry, and consumer privacy. We are thrilled to welcome Alliant into the NAI and look forward to working together with them into the future.”


The NAI is also active when it comes to industry lobbying efforts regarding the pressing issues facing the digital advertising space. The organization works with policy makers and other stakeholders to guide responsible and reasonable development of legislation and policies affecting the industry.


Alliant’s systems and processes are designed to protect business information and the people behind the numbers by default. Our goal is to exceed ever-growing expectations for compliant data use in marketing by continually evolving and improving our practices and by pursuing industry memberships and certifications that enhance our transparency and due diligence.


Along with being an NAI member, Alliant also layers on additional memberships and certifications from other leading industry governing bodies and third parties including Neutronian, TAG, IAB and went through the SOC2 certification process.


For more information about the importance of NAI membership, visit the organization’s membership page. Visit Alliant’s data governance page for more information about our commitment to data security, compliance and transparency, or contact Alliant directly to discuss.

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