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Alliant’s Donna Hamilton Selected as IAB Data Rockstar

By Mitchell Eisenberg on October 2, 2019

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Mitchell Eisenberg

SVP, General Counsel & Data Compliance Officer


Alliant is thrilled to announce that Donna Hamilton, SVP, Data Acquisition & Activation, has been selected for an IAB Data Rockstar Award! Donna is a highly skilled data strategist and a key driver in product ideation and innovation at Alliant. She leads Alliant’s efforts to source compliant data sets, package them, and generate direct and digital audiences that deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, Donna is Alliant’s data evangelist and spearheaded the company’s emergence as a leading provider of digital audiences.

For the past ten years, Donna has been a key contributor to Alliant’s success. As a member of Alliant’s senior leadership team, Donna serves as a subject matter expert supporting sales, product, analytics and the compliant use of marketing data. In 2016, Alliant awarded her its Robert H. Burns Innovation Award — an internal recognition awarded to individuals to recognize singular achievements in technology or data excellence.

Donna serves on the Hudson Valley DMA Board of Directors and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Extremely disciplined and focused in her own career development, Donna also serves as a mentor to Alliant’s younger professionals and interns.

Alliant is excited to celebrate Donna at the IAB Rewards Reception and Networking Event on Thursday, October 10th in New York City, and equally excited to sponsor the IAB Direct Brand Summit in November.

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