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Matt Frattaroli Joins Alliant as VP of Digital Platform Sales

By Julie Viscardi on April 3, 2018

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Julie Viscardi

Chief People Officer


MarTech and eCommerce veteran poised to expand Alliant’s digital marketing programs

“Success in data-driven marketing starts with a solid foundation. That’s what drew me to Alliant. Our audiences are sourced from real consumer purchase transactions. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Matt Frattaroli is the newest member of the Alliant team. Joining the company as Vice President of Digital Platform Sales, Matt brings more than 15 years of sales and business development experience in ad tech and eCommerce.

Matt will focus on leading the growth of Alliant’s digital programs for audience targeting. “Alliant’s legacy in the world of consumer marketing data,” Matt says, “gives it a unique perspective on the power of past transactions to predict future marketing performance. Our mission is to help marketers understand that power, and put it to work across their brands.”

Last year, more than eight billion dollars was spent on third-party data with limited standards and measurements in place for quality control.

“For decades, direct-to-consumer marketers put as much emphasis on data as creative – if not more,” Alliant CEO, JoAnne Monfradi Dunn says. “The balance is beginning to shift in the digital ecosystem, and Matt was an early innovator pursuing the issues of digital data quality in the third-party data space.”

In 2015 Matt was recognized by Digiday as a Signal Award Finalist in Data Management and Marketing, for his work with consumer polling validation.

A Boston native and a graduate of Cornell’s Business Management and Marketing program, Matt’s professional roots are deep in the digital marketing space, having built multiple eCommerce and MarTech companies, including ChoiceStream. As one of its executive leaders, Matt helped pivot ChoiceStream’s business model to a highly successful media buying platform, leading the conceptualization, development and launch of

“The biggest challenge for marketers is cutting through the noise,” Matt says. “Between fake ad inventories, the proliferation of data segments, data quality issues, and the next tech acronym-du-jour, there’s a lot to navigate.”

“Transparency and quality are critical not only in media buying but throughout the entire marketing operation. What I love about Alliant is that we help marketers solve business challenges by leveraging real-world transactions from real people and households. Not many companies can say that – and even fewer who can deliver on that promise at scale.”

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