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Why Household Level Purchase Behavior is Important for TV Campaigns

By Matt Frattaroli on March 25, 2022

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Matt Frattaroli

SVP, Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships

Matt Frattaroli, VP of Digital Platform and Agency Partnerships at Alliant, explains the importance of household-level purchase behavior data and ways marketers can leverage the power of purchase data in audience targeting across addressable TV and CTV in Why Household Level Purchase Behavior is Important for TV Campaigns.


With spend projected to surpass $84B across traditional linear, Addressable linear TV, and Connected TV (CTV) in 2022 (Winterberry Group, annual outlook report), advertisers are beginning to align budgets with the accelerated shifts in viewer behaviors we’ve seen in recent years. In fact, Addressable TV and CTV are expected to see the largest increases, at 27% and 32% respectively, compared to only a 3.5% increase for linear tv. This is largely due to the “video everywhere” trend which also includes double-digit growth projections in digital video spend.


Beyond the draw of increased viewership, dollars are flowing into TV because of newfound abilities to go beyond demographic segmentation and leverage the power of audience targeting that has been available for digital campaigns. For marketers accustomed to building data-driven digital campaigns, there are some important differences (read: benefits) that are introduced when moving to the biggest screen in people’s homes. Understanding the power of purchase data specifically will help capitalize on these differences...

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