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2023 Holiday Activation Guide: Audiences to Supercharge Any Seasonal Campaign

By Mareena Maki on August 24, 2023

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Mareena Maki

Senior Manager, Marketing

The holidays are a multifaceted season where consumers make new plans for big purchases and activities that extend well beyond gift giving. While having a guide for the top retail-focused segments is crucial, let’s explore other timely consumer purchase trends and how advertisers can capture this seasonal momentum through additional audiences.


Marketers of all types should be thinking about ways to capitalize on a host of spending trends such as travel and health goals: 47% of consumers plan to travel during the holiday season and 73% of New Year's resolution makers establish physical health goals.


To help brands and agencies activate the right audiences to drive demand and generate sales for their seasonal programmatic efforts, Alliant delivers over 2000 on-demand segments. Let’s explore which of those segments were activated the most across digital, television, and social media platforms last holiday season within a range of unique categories.


The below rankers include top Alliant brand, product, and interest propensity audiences used by advertisers and their media buyers for campaigns placed between September and December of 2022 within health, travel, automotive, and leisure interest verticals.



As we get closer to January 1st, most of us declare New Year’s resolutions. These personal reflection points along with the year-end expiration of health insurance benefits always spurs on an increase of fitness, weight loss, and healthcare spending and activity.

Top 10 Health-Related Audiences 

1.  1-800-Contacts Buyer Propensity 

2. Lululemon Athletica Buyer Propensity 

3.  Weight Loss Interest Propensity 

4.  Academy Sports Outdoors Buyer Propensity 

5.  American Diabetes Association Interest Propensity

6. Health/Wellness and Fitness Purchase Behavior 

7.  Health Insurance Product Propensity 

8.  Weight Watchers Brand Propensity 

9.  Noom Brand Propensity 

10.  Peloton Brand Propensity 



The holidays offer consumers a reprieve to take and plan long overdue vacations and family trips. This heavy travel season offers advertisers a variety of ways to connect with all types of niche travelers -- from airline to train, luxury to economy, and amusement park to cruise enthusiast. 

Top 10 Travel Audiences 

1.  Frequent Flyer Interest Propensity 

2. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Brand Propensity 

3. Amtrak Brand Propensity 

4. Norwegian Cruise Line Brand Propensity  

5. United Airlines Brand Propensity 

6. Luxury Hotel Interest Propensity 

7.  Disney Cruise Brand Propensity 

8. Four Seasons Brand Propensity

9. Theme Park Interest Propensity  

10. Premium Economy Hotel Interest Propensity 



Automotive shoppers use this time of year to research and plan their next big 2024 vehicle purchase or insurance decision. Fall sports such as NFL, MLB, and college football and  holiday family-themed content that attracts massive viewership numbers, offer automotive advertisers' fertile ground to promote their messages through audience segments.

Top 10 Automotive Audiences 

1.  In-Market for New Luxury Car 

2. In-Market for Insurance 

3. In-Market for Used Vehicle 

4.  In-Market for New Vehicle 

5.  In-Market for New Economy Car 

6. In-Market for New SUV 

7.  In-Market for New Sedan 

8.  Multi-Car Owner In-Market for New Car 

9.  Full Size Truck Loyalists  

10.  In-Market for Parts & Service 



As consumers lean into their favorite shows, hobbies, and sports around the holidays, these specific interests are a terrific way to target audiences. Audience strategies that utilize multiple propensity audiences – in combination with demographic and behavioral segments – make a lot of sense for targeted efforts. For example, the marketing team promoting a new flat screen TV release around the holidays should consider utilizing men 25-54 demographic in combination with Sony electronics brand propensity, along with sports TV interest propensity audience segments for an effective strategy.

Top 10 Leisure Interest Propensity Audiences 

1. Yellowstone TV Show 

2. Fantasy Sports  

3. Sports TV 

4. Candy Crush 

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 

6. Photography  

7.  College Life 

8. FIFA World Cup 

9. Marvel Comic Series 

10. Wine Lovers 


As we review the most utilized audiences based on spending from last year, it will be interesting to see how nuances within certain vertical categories affect the use of specific segments in 2023. Does inflation alter consumers' travel and vehicle shopping plans or will a new health craze or hit Netflix show change the landscape?


No matter the seasonal ups and downs or unique advertising campaign, Alliant audiences are modeled against a 5-year consumer view, providing stability and the ability to predict consumer purchases and behaviors. Explore Alliant’s full taxonomy of over 2000+ audiences ready for activation across leading programmatic, TV, and social platforms. 


Alliant Audience Category Guide

  • Brand Propensities: Purchase-based brand audiences built from 175MM+ credit & bank card transactions.
  • Interest Propensities: Social media-based audiences built from followers of specific accounts or engagement with relevant hashtags.
  • Purchase Behavior: Consumers in the Alliant DataHub who have purchased products or services in specific categories.
  • Automotive: Deterministic ownership data from nationwide dealership and service department records. 


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