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Four Hot Topics from Digiday's Media Buying Summit

By Kaitlin Dunn Troutman on October 28, 2019

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Kaitlin Dunn Troutman

SVP, Operations and Marketing


The Alliant team is back from Digiday’s Media Buying Summit in Miami. There was great content – and cocktails ­– and we took away new insights into current challenges for the media buying community. Alliant works closely with many agencies, platforms and brands, so staying current with trends driving campaign strategy, spend and decision making is vital to those relationships. Here are a few of the topics we found interesting:

Amazon is Everywhere

The growth of Amazon as a DSP is starting to complicate marketing strategies. Many marketers are struggling to define what team should own their Amazon strategies and relationships, Marketing or Distribution? 

Keeping up with Advanced Social

Rapid platform evolution is pushing marketers to be more proactive in their campaigns — the community is learning a “set it and forget it” approach is not ideal. Relying on default platform settings and recommended placement options often benefits the platform and its outside network, not the advertiser.

Brand Safety v. Brand Suitability

Avoiding ad placement next to content that is inappropriate, or contrary to brand values, is mission-critical. Now with safety practices better embedded in activation, the community can focus on improving brand suitability as well with optimized placement on higher quality sites.

Audience-First Strategy 

Digital Out of Home and Addressable TV technologies enable targeting consumers directly in more channels than ever. Leveraging these opportunities demands building the right audience strategy before designing creative or buying and placing media.

Whether you are a brand marketer, an agency strategist, programmatic media buyer, or an audience provider like us – these are topics to keep at the forefront. Many thanks to Digiday for opening up great conversations and relationships that address these common challenges. We look forward to continued conversation at IAB’s Direct Brand Summit, November 10-11 in NYC – and if you are heading that way let’s meet up!

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